Andara Crystal Pendant "Guardian of Gaia"

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Andara Crystal "Guardian of Gaia"

The "Guardian of Gaia" is a special grounding Andara crystal. The crystal measures approx. 31,10 mm (approx. 14,40g) and is a unique companion for people who especially respect and protect nature and our earth planet in their own sense.

Are you a particularly nature-loving person who understands, respects and respects the laws of nature and live the guidelines in a special deep love. You also respect other people and have a special love for your body and mind. The Andara crystal helps you to create harmony between body and mind. It also supports you to find people who have the same or similar interests and ideas to accompany you on your path and your work.
The crystal strengthens your inner power for your actions and work for the protection of nature and peace among each other. It gives you patience, empathy and the prudence to help other people. It grounds you in the here and now, creating inner and outer stability.
You will be able to feel the love and work that you bring to all life on our planet through the love and work of the herbs, flowers, trees and also through the wonderful animals, through their messages. These will strengthen you on your way.

The mantra: "I am on this world to act and help lightfully and positively!"

ANDARA Kompendium

Category: Andara Kristall Spiral Anhänger
SKU: A15-21-0-A113
Shipping weight‍: 0,040 kg
Item weight‍: 0,014 kg
Content‍: 1,00 Piece
Material‍: Glass crystal
Mineralogy‍: Monoatomic
Production‍: Handmade
Photo‍: Daylight
Country of origin‍: California
Origin‍: Mount Shasta
Background‍: Lady Nellie
Contents of delivery‍: The item corresponds exactly to the picture.
Jewelry needs love and that's why he always wants to be close to you and give a lot of pleasure. Every connection needs some attention and consideration.
Through the use of cosmetics, perfume, hairspray & sweat can create different chemical mixtures, which can burden not only the person, but also the jewelry. The annoy namely "black", as the saying goes!
Clean your jewelry or jewelry with love and care. Put on your jewelry only after styling to complete the outfit.
Take off your unique natural jewelry when showering or bathing. This will protect your preciousness - the jewelry - from chemical substances (bath oil, bath foam, shower bath, & ...)!
Do not wear your jewelry during sweaty sports activities or swimming in chlorinated water.
Your jewelry will thank you and a long-term relationship is born!
Legal notice about healing stones in general:
Please always keep in mind that healing stones are neither a therapy nor a diagnosis in the medical sense. The use of healing stones should in no way replace medical advice or help, but should only serve as prevention or support. In case of doubt, a doctor or alternative practitioner should be consulted.

This is "not a children's toy"! Not suitable for children under 3 years - risk of swallowing and choking!