Andara - higher source of light and energy of our Mother Earth. It is a matter of my heart to have been given the opportunity by Gaia to work through the unique Andara crystals. They touch my soul and let me feel their deep love through their messages. For the selection of each crystal I am guided by my personal experience with the crystals.

To change the world through the love and intense connection of the Andara crystals with their higher source of light is the goal. I am fascinated by the wonderful energetic light structures, vortices and frequency rings that many of the Andara crystals contain. The crystals are as unique and diverse as each of us humans is unique, just as you and I are unique extraordinary personalities. We should be grateful for this and keep this uniqueness in our souls. By opening the crystals, the light family gives us wonderful and valuable messages through their different frequencies. These are for the highest good of humanity and the Earth, as each crystal is loved, honoured and blessed by Gaia through its uniqueness. I would like to pass the Andara Crystals - lovingly touched and activated - into hands that appreciate and love the high vibrational multidimensional Andara Crystals. Special people who wish to experience the amazingly unique light messages and light codes of the Andara Crystals on their personal spiritual journey are invited to activate and experience the connection with the elemental realm and Gaia in the interaction of their vibrational frequencies. In this activation peace, love, and harmony work as one. I am looking for new earth keepers for unique treasures - Andara crystals!