Agate slice blue "Blue Seahorse"

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  • "Blue Seahorse" 

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Agate slice blue "Blue Seahorse"

Nature gives us such wonderful agates. Agates are naturally formed unique pieces, different with unique patterns and facets. These wonderful gemstones are handmade from Brazil. The rough stone is cut into slices in several elaborate steps by hand, polished and then polished to its beautiful shiny surface to a high gloss. The fantastic pattern and structure is made especially visible by individual colour added by man.

For those who work with elementals, this is definitely a somewhat special favourite. Each agate is unique in its own way, with its own combination of patterns, textures and colours. The agate discs are something very special to make special celebrations - weddings, birthdays, ... - something unique, for example! Here, the agate discs as place cards (name plate or place card) are something individually extravagantly designed, which makes a lasting impression on the guests and thus also provides for unique memories! With children, the agate discs can be painted or made into wind chimes. This creates wonderful creative pictures and sculptures!

Agate makes you cheerful and content, as it can have a balancing effect on the mind and prevent mood swings. Conditions are alleviated in a gentle way and heal more quickly. Agate supports people who are faced with high demands in life and helps them to find new insights and solutions. At the same time, it gives optimism as well as energy and lets accumulated experience appear in a new light. Especially in today's accelerated times, agate is an important helper in coping with stress and states of exhaustion. Agate is assigned to the sacral chakra.

It is the main stone of the zodiac signs Capricorn and Taurus. As a minor stone of Scorpio and Pisces, it gives self-confidence, endurance and patience. In esotericism, agate is also considered an important protective stone. It keeps negative and disturbing energies away and helps to find one's own inner balance. The effect can extend to the physical, mental and spiritual levels. Gemstones are natural materials, therefore they can have dents, cracks, natural colour variations or stains; these do not represent a defect. This is a sign of individuality and uniqueness of nature!


(13): 4,77x 2,38cm ( 1,878x 0,936 inches)

(16): 4,69x 2,002cm ( 1,849x 0,788 inches)

(17):  4,26x 2,189cm ( 1,677x 0,861 inches)

(18): 4,138x 1,952cm ( 1,629x 0,768 inches)

They are magical, unique pieces that exude so much energy and power that I can feel them.

Category: Andara Achatscheiben
SKU: A31-001-0003
Content‍: 1,00 Piece
Material‍: Natural stone
Production‍: Handmade
Country of origin‍: Brazil
Stone type‍: Agate
Color‍: Blue
Size‍: 40-45mm (1,57-1,77 Inches)
Contents of delivery‍: The item corresponds exactly to the picture.
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