Andara Crystal Crystal pendant champagne with inclusions 11,30g

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Energetic glass crystal!

Material: Glass crystal
Type: Lady Nellie, Mount Shasta, California
Variant: Crystal pendant
Photo: Daylight

Spiral crystal pendant

Andara crystal => colour: champagne
Spiral pendant => colour: silver

Beautiful luminous champagne, which is very expressive. In the light of the sun all facets come out wonderfully! I am always fascinated by these pieces which are magical to me!

In your interaction with the crystal, go to the place of unforgettable events in the enchanting world of the inner senses, where one can fully relax. So that the body and soul can be gently united. In the place where the dormant functions of the body are reactivated, the soul also awakens! Embark on a journey into the world of inner balance. Treat yourself to unforgettable moments and make sure you feel relaxed, revitalised and more vital! Thanks to inner balance, the beauty of the soul radiates outwards in a new and brighter way, which is visible to all!

The crystal consists of many minerals and strongly vibrating elements. Etherium powder in Andara crystals has different properties than a normal stone. The central sun interacting with the Andara crystals creates colour variations, light vibrations and can manifest impressive connections. The different light codes in the different crystals can be wonderfully used and felt in the work with the crystals e.g. for aura and chakra cleansing, to support and strengthen the vibrational fields, which can also be amplified.

The crystals offered have been selected personally and with a lot of energy. Every person has his or her own personal level of development and the experience with our wonderful crystals is individual in each case. The personal effect is always different. That is why I spend a lot of time in the selection process, so that there is something for everyone. For me, the personal effect or relationship with the crystals is very important.

If you ever have the opportunity to visit this beautiful place in California - "Mount Shasta" - it is simply overwhelming and highly recommended!

Delivery: 1 spiral pendant + 1 crystal (inside the spiral pendant)

Weight is spiral pendant including Crystal

Category: Andara Kristall Spiral Anhänger
SKU: A15-21-0-077
Farbetöne‍: yellow tonesgold tones
Shipping weight‍: 0,010 kg
Item weight‍: 0,001 kg
Material‍: Glass crystal
Mineralogy‍: Monoatomic
Production‍: Handmade
Photo‍: Daylight
Country of origin‍: California
Origin‍: Mount Shasta
Background‍: Lady Nellie
Contents of delivery‍: The item corresponds exactly to the picture.
Jewelry needs love and that's why he always wants to be close to you and give a lot of pleasure. Every connection needs some attention and consideration.
Through the use of cosmetics, perfume, hairspray & sweat can create different chemical mixtures, which can burden not only the person, but also the jewelry. The annoy namely "black", as the saying goes!
Clean your jewelry or jewelry with love and care. Put on your jewelry only after styling to complete the outfit.
Take off your unique natural jewelry when showering or bathing. This will protect your preciousness - the jewelry - from chemical substances (bath oil, bath foam, shower bath, & ...)!
Do not wear your jewelry during sweaty sports activities or swimming in chlorinated water.
Your jewelry will thank you and a long-term relationship is born!

Attention small parts! Not suitable for children under 36 months (3 years). Danger of suffocation or injury!

Juridical reference
I am legally obliged to inform you that gemstones and crystals or glass crystals, even of high quality, do not replace a visit to a doctor or specialist in case of symptoms and illnesses. Likewise, gemstones and crystals or glass crystals - e.g. in Germany - may no longer be called healing stones because of misleading, since there is still no recognised scientific proof of their effectiveness or potency. In the case of necessary medical and psychological treatments, gemstones and crystals or glass crystals cannot be considered as remedies. Thus, legally speaking, all references to the potential influence of gemstones and crystals or glass crystals reflect the personal opinion and experience of myself and the relevant specialist literature I have consulted. In this respect, I rely on the personal responsibility and maturity of my readers and, for legal reasons, distance myself from any healing promises regarding gemstones and crystals or glass crystals or gemstone therapy, energy work, light therapy, stone healing and healing stone therapy.